GDPR & Privacy Policy
How we protect personal data

A new EU regulation on the protection of personal data has been in force since May 25, 2018. We are prepared, as are our apps for web and mobile phones.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in protecting privacy at Monitora Media (“Monitora”, “Mediaboard”, “we”), our website (the “Website”) and all other related websites for downloading from Software, mobile apps (including tablet apps) and other services we offer that are protected by our policy (hereinafter also referred to as “Privacy Policy”). As with all other communications, be it face-to-face, by email, in writing or by telephone (collectively, along with our website and “Services”).

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes the information we collect through our services, how we use and disclose this information and what steps we take to protect it. By visiting the website or purchasing our service, you accept the privacy policy defined in the conditions. The conditions are an excerpt from internal guidelines and rules and describe how we handle the personal data of our users. They are of a purely informative nature, are not legally binding and primarily do not describe the functionality of apps, but rather general procedures and rules for managing access to applications, websites, cookies and the like.

This guideline has been incorporated into the Monitora terms of service.


  • “Client”   Client of Monitora company.
  • “Client data”   personal data, reports, addresses and other documents in electronic form that the user of the service stores in the system.
  • “Personally Identifiable Information”   all information related to the recognition and identification of an individual.
  • “Public space”   area that both users and visitors can access without having to log in.
  • “Limited space”   area that can only be visited by a registered user.
  • “User”   employees, customer representatives, sales representatives who are authorized to visit limited areas in order to take full advantage of the services purchased.
  • “Visitor”   person who can use the public space but does not have access to the entire area.

Information Collected in the Services

We collect different types of information through our services. The legal basis for the collection and use of personal data by Monitora is primarily the fact that the data are necessary for the provision of services in accordance with the terms of use and processing and are part of Monitora’s legitimate interests as set out in the section “How we Use the information we collect ”is described in more detail. We also process data on the basis of consent and permission.

2.1 Information from users

When you use our services as a user or visitor, you provide the data and we will collect it. Examples of such personal data are name, email address, home address, cell phone number. and billing information. Personal data also includes other information such as geographic location and similar information used to identify individuals. You pass this personal data on to us through our services in various ways.

2.2 Information Collected from Clients

The client or user can save data in the client system and upload it to it. Monitora has no direct relationship with persons whose personal data is stored in the context of the client data. Each client is responsible for informing clients and third parties interested in client data and personal information about our services.

2.3 “Automatically Collected” Information

When a user or visitor uses one of our services, certain types of information can be uploaded automatically thanks to various technologies such as cookies, “clear gifs” or “web beacons”. This “automatic collection” of information can include IP addresses, device addresses, IDs, web browser or device type, websites opened before and after using the app, websites and other content viewed by the user, and the date and time of the visit. Information can also be recorded based on email communications, e.g. B. when a user or visitor has opened, clicked on, or replied to a message. This information is collected about all users and visitors.

2.4 Integrated service

You may be offered to access our services with the help of your login name and password, via third-party apps, such as: Sign in to, for example, a Google account, or you can request an authorized integrated service to provide personal information. After being authorized to log into the integrated system, you provide us with information such as your name, email address, date of birth, gender, city, profile picture and other information, the sharing of which is protected by this policy. Personal information should be reviewed in any integration system to understand what information should be shared and which should be confidential.

2.5 Information from External Sources

We may receive information containing personal data from third parties and from sources of other services of our partners, from advertising, from agencies and from other integrated systems. If we receive such data, we will treat it based on this policy.

How we use the information we collect

We use the information we collect in a variety of ways to provide our services and run our society and business, including:

3.1 Operation

Information other than client-related information – we use to improve our operations and our services, to provide the services and information you have requested, to respond to comments and questions and to support users in using the services. We only use customer data based on instructions approved by customers and users.

3.2 Improvements

We use the information to analyze trends and preferences of visitors and users, to improve existing services and to develop new services. For this purpose, Monitora has to process the customer data, which is then anonymized in the required form.

3.3 communication

We may use user and visitor email addresses other than client addresses to contact the user or visitor about administrative matters, such as: B. customer service, property interventions, rights of misuse of information relating to customer or personal data on the platforms of our services and information about special offers in connection with products and services offered by third parties with whom we work. You have the option to opt out in the “Your Choices” section.

3.4 Cookies and tracking technologies

We use information that is automatically collected and information that is collected on the basis of our services through cookies and similar technologies to (i) personalize our services, such as remembering a user or visitor who continues the session the next time they log in or not; (ii) provide personalized advertising, content and information; (iii) monitor and analyze the efficiency of our services and third party marketing activities; (iv) monitor overall website usage in terms of the total number of visitors and pages viewed; (v) Track registrations, your listings, offers and all advertisements and other activity on our Services. You can find more information about cookies on the All About Cookies page.

3.5 Analytics

We use Google Analytics to measure and evaluate access to public areas of the website and to create administrator navigation. Google works independently from us and has its own privacy policy that you should review. Google can use information collected via Google Analytics to evaluate the activities of visitors to a website. For more information, see Google Analytics Privacy and Data Sharing.

We have developed measures to protect the information obtained through Google Analytics. The data is only used to solve technical problems, to administer our website and to determine visitor preferences. In this case the data is invisible. None of this information is used to identify visitors and users.

Who will be given the information

With the exceptions described in this policy, we will neither intentionally share personal and customer-related information that we collect and store in our system nor pass it on to third parties without consent. We may only pass on information with consent and under the following conditions:

4.1 Freely accessible information

Information that you voluntarily disclose in the public area of our services as a public profile is available to all visitors and users.

4.2 Service providers

We work with third parties who create websites for us, develop apps, take care of web hosting and maintain our website. These third parties do not have access to personal and customer data in order to be able to provide services for us. We limit the information provided to that which is absolutely necessary for the functionality.

4.3 Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Certain automatically collected, consented, or non-personal information is made available to third parties for a variety of purposes, including: (i) compliance with various obligations; (ii) for commercial and marketing purposes, or; (iii) to help identify interests, habits, content, services and other functions, customers, users and visitors.

4.4 Judicial recovery, litigation and compliance with the rules

Personal data can be passed on if required by law and under the assumption that this is essential to comply with legal provisions, by a court order or on the basis of another court or government ordinance.

We reserve the right to pass on personal data if necessary; (i) in matters of legal accountability; (ii) to protect society from fraud, accusation and other illegal activity; (iii) to investigate and defend our company against allegations by third parties; (iv) regarding the protection and integrity of our services and the property by which our services are provided; (v) to protect our property, other rights and contracts.

4.5 Change of ownership

Information about users and visitors, including user and visitor personal information, may be shared and otherwise transferred to the acquirers, successors or as part of a merger, purchase, sale of shares, bankruptcy, bankruptcy or receivership, the information being a until three other parties are made available. Even in such cases, the provision of all data is in accordance with the data protection guideline, which continues to be complied with. Customer data can be physically or electronically transferred to the acquirer or successor, or it can be recorded as part of a merger or purchase.

Your choices

5.1 Access, correction, deletion

We respect your privacy and offer you careful access to personal data that you can set in our system. If you would like to make available, change or delete data that we have received about you via the integration system, you can contact us in the “Contact us” section. At your request, the data in the database can be changed or deleted.

You can update, correct or delete the information in your account and set preferences in the account settings. Please note that the database is updated with a delay so that changes are not immediately visible.

You can refuse to provide certain information. However, we will then not be able to offer you the full range of our services.

You can have a check at any time as to whether your data is being used legally or not, unless otherwise agreed in the contract. If you believe that your personal data has been misused, please contact Monitora’s data protection officer at You also have the right to lodge a data protection complaint.

This measure does not apply to data that is part of the customer data. In this case, data management is subject to the customer’s privacy policy and all changes are the responsibility of the customer.

5.2 Data navigation

You can unsubscribe from the series of navigation information about your visit to the website via Google Analytics here.

5.3 Opting Out of Commercial Communications

If you receive a commercial e-mail from us, you can unsubscribe at any time by following the procedure outlined in that e-mail or by sending an e-mail with the request in the “Contact Us” section.

Users can view and change preferences regarding the type and frequency of promotional communications we receive by accessing the Account Functionality tab of the Service.

Please note that it can take up to 10 working days for your request to be processed if you unsubscribe from receiving commercial communications or if you change the settings for these in any other way. However, you will still receive administrative messages from our service.

Monitora has no direct relationship with the client’s customers or with third parties who also process personal data. In this case, a person who wishes to change, delete or unsubscribe from the newsletter must contact the client or user who represents them directly. If the client wants to have data deleted, he is requested to send written request. The period for processing the personal data is thirty (30) days, unless we are entitled to delete this data without request. We reserve the right to keep a copy of the data for archiving purposes or to protect our rights in legal proceedings. All such requests must be submitted through the “Contact Us” section and must contain relevant information on the basis of which the request can be met.

Third party services

Our services may contain links to third party websites. Any information you share on third party websites is subject to their privacy policies and security systems. In this case, Monitora is not responsible for the security of the services and information made available to third parties. In such cases, we ask you to inform yourself about the privacy policies of these subjects before providing your information to them.

Protection of privacy

Monitora follows the EU-US Privacy Policy, which is based on the principles of the U.S. Department of Commerce is subject to the protection of personal data and applies to both EU countries and the United States of America. Monitora s.r.o. holds a certificate from the Department of Commerce that controls compliance with the principles of privacy protection. If there are problems with observing the protection principles, the situation is resolved by the Department of Commerce. More information about privacy protection and the certificate can be found here.

In accordance with the data protection principles, Monitora undertakes to resolve all complaints about the collection and use of personal data. Citizens of the European Union can send their suggestions to

Monitora undertakes to comply with data protection regulations (DPAs) when resolving complaints regarding human resources in the employment relationship.

In cases that concern EU-US relations and the protection of personal data, the company is authorized to act as a representative of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). More information can be found here.

Monitora fulfills all data protection requirements with regard to the transfer of data from the EU, including their follow-up responsibility.

Further protection of rights

Under California law, we will not share personal information with third parties for direct marketing purposes. We will notify you in advance of any changes to this law.

Interest-based advertising

Interest-based advertising is a collection of data from various sources and platforms in order to target advertising to the interests of the user on all of their devices such as computer, mobile phone or tablet. The data is also used to address users with the same or similar interests in a suitable manner.

We work with several third parties to understand the user’s profile and interests. Information about Monitora’s offer can be sent via promotional e-mail or in the form of advertisements on various websites and apps.

These third parties include: (i) advertising servers which collect the data based on clicks or on the advertisements displayed by the user; (ii) partners who ensure the effectiveness of certain advertisements; (iii) Business partners who collect the data based on clicks or on the advertisements displayed by the user.

In collaboration with these third parties, we collect information about clients, users and others through the various platforms they use and on which they operate. Individuals can submit information directly on our website or on third party platforms by interacting with our advertisements and emails. We may use special means that are commonly used for these purposes, such as cookies, beacons, pixels, tags, flash cookies, advertising on mobile devices and other technologies. We have access to information from the databases of our business partners.

Information that we or third parties collect enables us to find out what a person has bought, what advertisements and content they have been shown, what advertisements they have clicked on and what actions that person has taken on the website.

The information is collected by us and third parties with whom we work to understand the activity behavior of our customers. There are several reasons for this, including: Recognizing a new or existing customer in order to present more personalized content and offer relevant advertising – knowing which advertising interests you, we can post repetitive and irrelevant advertising while offering relevant advertising on other platforms and on third-party websites for products similar to ours.

Interest-based advertising is offered to you via email and third-party platforms. This promotion of our services may be offered to you directly through commercial messages or through third parties.

The visitor can opt out of receiving interest-based advertising via advertising offered on other websites such as YourAdChoices and Network Advertising Initiative. These steps enable the visitor to unsubscribe from receiving most   but not all interest-based advertising.

Third party cookies

According to the law, the website administrator must report whether third parties collect data and personal information about an individual and their activities on the website. Monitora allows the collection of information by third parties only on the basis of an agreement on the use of cookies and other technologies that collect the data from our websites. Third parties include; (i) business partners who collect the information for advertising purposes; (ii) Advertising networks that analyze whether an advertisement has been displayed and successfully posted.

Third-party information is intended to better identify customers’ needs and preferences in relation to promotional materials on the website and across the Internet.

Business partners and advertising networks that conduct interest-based advertising only have access to a small amount of information about user profiles or devices. It is possible that this smaller amount of information is also used for advertising on other websites.

We do not share any information (e.g. an email address) with third parties that could easily identify your profile. Information about the device used, e.g. B. an IP or MAC address, however, are accessible to these parties. We have no access to, or control over, technologies used by third parties, and their practices are not governed by our privacy policy. Unless otherwise stated in this document, we have no control over third-party technology.

11.1 The following types of cookies are used on our websites:

Strictly Necessary Cookies – Cookies that are necessary to move around the website and to protect it. Without this setting, the requested services would not be possible. These cookies do not collect any user information.

Performance cookies – cookies that collect information about what the user has done on the website, which websites he has visited most often and if any errors have occurred. These cookies do not collect any user information. All information received is anonymous and is used to improve the website.

Functional cookies   With these cookies, the website can remember the selection you have made (e.g. login name, language, region) and offer better, more personalized functions. Based on this, the website can inform you about the current weather or traffic situation. Cookies also remember changes you have made to the formatting, e.g. B.   Text size, fonts and other website adjustments. They can also be used to provide video surveillance service or to write a comment. This information can also be anonymous. They do not allow any movement on the website to be observed.

Marketing Cookies – These cookies are used to display personalized advertisements. They also regulate how often you are shown an advertisement and help evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. In most cases, these advertisements are uploaded by advertising companies with the permission of the website administrator. They remember that you have visited this website and this information is also passed on to other parties. The personalization mostly depends on the technologies of the respective companies.

Youth and Children’s Privacy

Protecting children’s privacy is very important. Our services are not intended for children under the age of 18. We do not collect any data about children without parental consent. If you are under 18 years of age, please do not use our service under any circumstances. If we discover that data has been collected from anyone under the age of 18, we will take appropriate steps to delete the data. If you are a parent and discover that your underage child has an account on our website, please inform us at and request the deletion of the data from our system.

Our services are not intended for use by minors or for data exchange on platforms or among friends. If a minor has uploaded data to our server, he has the right to have the data deleted on the basis of this data protection guideline. If you have any questions on this topic, please contact us under “Contact us”.

Data protection

We adhere to generally accepted standards for the protection of information that is communicated to us. We guarantee adequate administrative, technical and physical protection of personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, loss, unauthorized use and misuse. This includes fire protection equipment, security passwords and access controls. We use SSL technology to encrypt data when it is transmitted over the public internet. We also use technologies that require consent to access data.

The methods for transmitting data over the Internet do not have to be 100% secure, however. We cannot guarantee the 100% security of any information you upload to our server. So you do this at your own risk. We also cannot guarantee that the information will not be disclosed or changed or that it will fall victim to a technical error. If you believe that your personal information has been compromised, please contact us.

If our protection system is compromised, we will notify you of the event in accordance with applicable law.

Data retention

We only collect personal data as long as the user has an active account with us. In addition, data is only stored until the purpose for which it was collected has ended, unless otherwise stipulated by law. We will only keep and use information that is necessary to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements, such as: B .:

The content of closed accounts will be deleted within 3 months after termination.

Backups are kept for 3 months.

Information about the conclusion of a deal between the client and Monitora is kept in the records in accordance with the Estonian General Part of the Civil Code Act for a period of 10 years.


Although you can set your privacy yourself, please note that no security system is perfect and insurmountable. We are not responsible if the rules are circumvented. In addition, we cannot control all users with whom you choose to share your personal data. Even if the information on the website is deleted, we cannot guarantee that it has not been saved or copied by third parties while it was accessible on the website. We cannot guarantee that the data you upload will never be seen by an unauthorized person.

Data transfer

Your data can be transmitted and stored via a service database stored in the USA. The US doesn’t have to have the same privacy policy as the country where you uploaded your data. When we transfer personal information to the United States, we will protect it as described in this policy.

Our servers are located in the USA and the Czech Republic. Customers from the EU use data from the European data center in Prague (CZE). We will comply with all GDPR regulations and adequately protect data when it is transferred from Europe to the USA.

If you are German and need other documents, please contact our company.

Data control and processing

Monitora company does not own, control or directly use any data stored by the client with the help of our service. Only the client and the user himself have direct access to this data. Monitora does not have any detailed information about what the client saves on the server and what information is shared here, unless it has direct permission from the client.

Since the Monitora company does not record the use of personal data uploaded to our server by clients and does not directly determine their use, nor is this the main purpose for which the data is collected, the company is not a controller of the According to the data protection regulation of the European Union (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), “GDPR”) and therefore not bound by the obligations contained therein. Monitora only acts as a processor of client data that the client himself uploads to our server. If the data is transferred to third parties and made available to them, this is only ever done with the consent of the client.

The client or the user is the controller within the meaning of the data protection regulation. This means that the client has the right to control the stored personal data, the processing purpose and its future processing itself.

Monitora is not responsible for the content of personal information in client data or other information on the server. The company is also not liable for how the client or user handles their personal data.

Changes and updates to this policy

Please visit this website regularly to keep up to date with any changes. Make sure that changes are reported through our services and that the document always shows the date of the last update in accordance with legal requirements. Your continued stay on the website and the use of our services is a sign of your knowledge and acceptance of these regulations.

How can you contact us?

If you have any questions, remarks or comments about this policy or the protection of personal data, please contact If you have any comments on the content of this guideline, please contact the data protection officer of Monitora at

Last update: January 15, 2021