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Amplify your PR outreach and streamline your workflow with Mediaboard's powerful publishing tool.

Achieve PR success with our powerful publishing tool

Amplify your brand's message, streamline PR workflow, and maximize visibility. Mediaboard's publishing tool has an intuitive interface, integrated email capabilities, and a customizable newsroom to revolutionize your strategy.

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Streamlined workflow

Create, customize, and distribute press releases distribution effortlessly.

Save time and effort with intuitive features that streamline your workflow and eliminate manual tasks.

Amplified visibility

Connect with relevant journalists and manage brand visibility.

With Mediaboard's publishing tool, you can ensure that your message reaches the right journalists at the right time.

Data-driven insights

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your PR campaigns.

Mediaboard's publishing tool provides analytics and tracking features that help you optimize your PR strategy.


Craft a compelling press release, send it to journalists interested in your niche, publish it in your newsroom, and track its impact. Maximize your media outreach and measure the effectiveness of your PR strategy in real-time.

Capture the attention of relevant journalists and unleash your outreach potential with Mediaboard's publishing tool.


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How does Mediaboard simplify the process of publishing press releases?
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Mediaboard streamlines the process of publishing press releases through its user-friendly interface called Newsroom. Our platform allows you to create, edit, and distribute press releases directly, saving time and ensuring a wide reach. Furthermore, our tools are designed to maintain your brand's unique style and voice, reinforcing your corporate identity with every release.
How does Mediaboard help in emailing press releases distribution?
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Mediaboard makes emailing press releases a breeze. Our platform allows you to send press releases to a comprehensive Medialist of journalists directly from the application. This feature ensures that your news reaches relevant media professionals, increasing the chances of your press release being picked up and published.
Can I track the performance of my press releases with Mediaboard?
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Yes, you can! Mediaboard offers detailed analytics reports that track the performance of your press releases. You can measure metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and audience engagement. This valuable data helps you understand the effectiveness of your press releases and informs future PR and marketing strategies.