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Enganced marketing intelligence

Stay ahead of the curve with Mediaboard's real-time media monitoring. Track brand mentions, industry trends, and emerging discussions to ensure you never miss a relevant opportunity or potential crisis.

Extensive Medialist

Access a comprehensive journalist database with industry-specific filters to connect with the right journalists. Build valuable relationships, pitch your stories effectively, and secure media coverage.

Powerful publishing

Create and distribute press releases, manage media contacts, and track campaign performance all from one platform. Streamline your PR efforts and maximize brand visibility.


Coca-Cola's PR excelled with Mediaboard. Real-time monitoring, streamlined journalist engagement, and comprehensive analytics amplified campaigns impact.


more captured mentions
in online and social media


reduction of costs
for media monitoring


faster reaction time in managing
any communication crisis

The numbers are based on measurements among Mediaboard clients.


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How is Mediaboard's media monitoring useful for public relations?
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Mediaboard's media monitoring is a powerful tool for public relations. It allows PR professionals to track and analyze mentions of their organization, brand, products, or services across various media channels. By doing so, PR teams can stay updated with public sentiment and perception, identify potential PR crises before they escalate, and gain insights into the effectiveness of their communication strategies.
What does media monitoring mean in the context of public relations?
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In the context of public relations, media monitoring refers to the process of tracking, collecting, and analyzing media content relevant to your organization. This includes mentions of your organization, its stakeholders, competitors, and industry trends. It is a crucial activity in PR, as it helps professionals understand the public perception of their organization, identify opportunities for positive engagements, and manage potential PR crises.
Can Mediaboard's media monitoring help in crisis management?
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Absolutely! Mediaboard's media monitoring is a vital tool for crisis management. By providing real-time updates on brand mentions and public sentiment, it allows PR teams to identify and respond to potential crises promptly. This swift response can mitigate damage to the organization's reputation and maintain trust with stakeholders.