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Take control of your media relations and unleash the power of effective journalist contact management.

Connect with the right journalist when it matters most

Streamline your journalist contact management. Seamlessly identify industry-specialized journalists, track competitor coverage, and utilize Medialist's features to keep contact data organized and up-to-date.

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Management of relevant contacts

Easily manage relationships with journalists and track relevant coverage.

Stay connected and communicate efficiently with up-to-date contact information at any time with our media contact list.

Targeted media outreach

Identify industry-specialized journalists and create tailored press lists.

Engage with the right journalists for your brand and increase the likelihood of successful media placements.

Verified contact information

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your media contacts.

Minimize the risk of outdated or inaccurate contact information, and ensure a smooth flow of communication.

Craft a compelling press release, send it to journalists interested in your niche, publish it in your newsroom, and track its impact. Enhance your media reach and foster stronger media relations. Measure the effectiveness of your PR strategy in real-time.

Connect with specialized journalists when it's most important with Mediaboard's Medialist.


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How does Mediaboard's Medialist enhance my media outreach?
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Medialist is a powerful tool that ensures your media outreach is targeted and effective. With access to
a comprehensive and verified list of journalists from various media channels, you can easily manage and tailor your communications to reach the right journalists who are most likely to be interested in your story. This targeted approach not only saves time but also significantly increases the chances of your press releases being picked up.
How does Medialist's feature in Mediaboard assist in journalist management?
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Medialist is designed to streamline journalist management. It allows you to track your communication history, understand journalist preferences, and identify opportunities for engagement. Our Medialist not only ensures personalized communication but also aids in maintaining a healthy relationship with media professionals, which is key to successful PR strategies.
What guarantees does Mediaboard offer regarding the accuracy of contact information in Medialist?
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Mediaboard prides itself on providing Medialist with verified contact information. We regularly update and cross-verify our database to ensure that the contact details of the journalists listed are accurate. This helps to significantly enhance the effectiveness of your media outreach, as your press releases reach the intended recipients without any issues.