Streamlining work at Transparency International CZ

Empowering Transparency with Mediaboard

Discover how Mediaboard transformed Transparency International's media monitoring, streamlining their efforts to track public contracts, combat corruption, and enhance information sharing.

main goals

Tracking public contracts and corruption cases

We enable seamless monitoring of public contracts and corruption cases for effective oversight.

Constant media overview

We facilitate team-wide media awareness and streamline information exchange.

Streamlining the search for quality media articles

We enhance article searches with
a focus on high-quality media coverage.

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Overcoming Media Visibility Challenges

Our collaboration with Transparency International CZ commenced in 2015, addressing a challenge. They lacked an efficient media monitoring tool, relying on manual searches and traditional methods for staying informed. This hindered timely information sharing and hindered efficient team communication. Handling over 4,000 media mentions yearly, they required a more streamlined approach to tracking coverage, cases, and topics.


Mediaboard has been essential to Transparency International CZ since 2015, a vital tool shaping our operations. For 8 years, we've daily tracked media mentions about TI, measuring sentiment and discussions.

Our monitoring spans print, online, radio, and TV. Themed monitoring keeps us updated on areas aligned with our mission, including ongoing corruption cases, public procurement, and anti-corruption legislation.

David Kotora

Head of Communication @Transparency International CZ

the solution

Customized Dashboards

Tailored to team requirements, providing insights into prevalent media sources and frequently mentioned terms in various periods.

Media Archive

A valuable resource to uncover past connections, facilitating the resolution of current cases.

Comprehensive Reports

Offering detailed media coverage and outreach data, particularly valuable for press releases, interviews, and social media engagement.

Mobile App for Instant Insights

The Mediaboard mobile app ensures swift access to crucial information, sending notifications for new media mentions upon publication.

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