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Ignite your marketing strategy with Mediaboard, the ultimate solution for maximizing your brand's reach. Take advantage of real-time monitoring to stay ahead of industry trends, engage with key journalists, and gain valuable insights into audience preferences.

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Targeted media engagement

Leverage our Medialist to connect with the right journalists and influencers. Build relationships and secure media coverage to amplify your brand's message and increase visibility.

Enhanced marketing intelligence

Gain valuable insights about industry trends, brand perception, and competitor strategies through real-time media monitoring. Stay informed to shape your campaigns.

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Every morning, you'll receive a concise report via email, highlighting the most important information written about you, your competition, and your industry. With just one click, you can read all the articles and access insightful analytics.


Coca-Cola's PR excelled with Mediaboard. Real-time monitoring, streamlined journalist engagement, and comprehensive analytics amplified campaigns impact.


more captured mentions
in online and social media


reduction of costs
for media monitoring


faster reaction time in managing
any communication crisis

The numbers are based on measurements among Mediaboard clients.


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How does Mediaboard's media monitoring support marketing efforts?
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Mediaboard's media monitoring supports marketing by providing real-time insights into your brand, industry trends, and customer sentiment. By tracking brand mentions and customer feedback across various media platforms, marketers can gauge the effectiveness of their strategies, identify opportunities for improvement, and tailor their marketing efforts to better align with customer needs and preferences.
What is the role of media monitoring in understanding customer sentiment?
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Media monitoring plays a crucial role in understanding customer sentiment. By tracking and analyzing mentions of your brand, products, or services across different media channels, Mediaboard helps you gain insights into how customers perceive your brand. This information is crucial for refining your marketing strategies, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing brand loyalty.
How can Mediaboard's media monitoring assist in competitive analysis for marketing?
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Mediaboard's media monitoring is a valuable tool for competitive analysis. By tracking mentions of competitors and analyzing their media presence and customer sentiment, Mediaboard provides insights into their strategies and performance. This information can guide your own marketing strategies, helping you to differentiate your brand, identify opportunities, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.