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Boost your sales strategy, drive growth, and maximize your revenue potential with Mediaboard. Seamlessly identify key influencers, connect with your target customers, and leverage data-driven insights to make informed decisions.

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Competitive advantage

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging Mediaboard's media monitoring and analysis to refine your sales strategy. Track competitor activities, product launches, and market trends to identify gaps and opportunities in the market.

Enhanced customer insights

Gain valuable customer insights by monitoring media coverage and social media conversations related to your brand and industry. Understand customer sentiments, preferences, and pain points to tailor your sales approach and effectively address customer needs.


Coca-Cola's PR excelled with Mediaboard. Real-time monitoring, streamlined journalist engagement, and comprehensive analytics amplified campaigns impact.


more captured mentions
in online and social media


reduction of costs
for media monitoring


faster reaction time in managing
any communication crisis

The numbers are based on measurements among Mediaboard clients.


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How can Mediaboard media monitoring and analysis tools support sales teams?
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Mediaboard's media monitoring and analysis tools can significantly support sales teams by providing real-time insights into market trends, customer sentiment, and competitive landscape. In addition, the tool can tell us which businesses have recruited new people for important positions. These insights help sales teams to understand customer needs, tailor their sales approach, and identify potential sales opportunities.
Can a media intelligence tool help in lead generation for sales?
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Absolutely! Mediaboard's media monitoring tool can play a key role in lead generation. By monitoring social media conversations, online discussions, and news articles, Mediaboard can help identify potential leads who express interest in or a need for your product or service. Additionally, the insights gathered from media monitoring can inform content marketing strategies, which can attract and engage potential leads, and eventually convert them into customers.