Harness the power of media analytics for informed decision-making.

Explore media data with advanced analytics

Delve into the depths of media data and gain a comprehensive overview. We leverage advanced techniques to transform raw information into intuitive charts, graphs, and visualizations for your brand or industry.

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data-driven decisions

Performance measurement

Measure and evaluate the performance of your media campaigns and brand messaging.

Assess the effectiveness of your media efforts and optimize future campaigns for better results.

Enhanced audience engagement

Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience.

Gain access to data for personalized and targeted communication, stronger connections, and increased engagement.

Reputation risk management

Monitor media coverage to protect your brand's image.

Access real-time mentions of your brand to protect your brand's reputation and promptly address any risk that may arise.



orlen profilepicture
Mgr. Pavel Kaidl
Orlen Unipetrol

Partnering with Mediaboard for over two years has been transformative; its extensive capabilities, responsive team, and seamless integration into our transformation strategy have made it indispensable.

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Václav Koukolíček
Coca-Cola HBC

Mediaboard transformed our communication at Coca-Cola HBC! A daily essential for top-notch media monitoring, with a user-friendly interface and insightful analytics. Their exceptional customer support makes it a joy to work with Mediaboard.

Improve decision-making, enhance brand performance, and drive growth with Mediaboard's advanced analytics solution.



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What is Media Analysis and what is it used for? icon open close
Media analysis involves the comprehensive evaluation and interpretation of media coverage. At Mediaboard, we use advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze media content across a variety of channels including print, broadcast, digital, and social media. Our media analysis provides insights into sentiment, engagement, reach, and the overall impact of media content on your brand.
How can Mediaboard's media analytics help improve my PR strategy? icon open close
Mediaboard's media analytics provide data-driven insights that can greatly enhance your PR strategy. By tracking and analyzing media mentions, audience sentiment, and trending topics, we help you understand your brand's media footprint. This data is invaluable for identifying PR opportunities, managing reputation, handling crises, and aligning your communication efforts with audience preferences.
What kind of reports does Mediaboard provide through its Media Analytics feature? icon open close
Mediaboard provides in-depth reports through its Media Analytics feature. These reports cover a range of metrics including brand mentions, sentiment analysis, audience reach and engagement, and more. We also offer customized dashboards, allowing you to visualize and interpret your data easily, aiding in making informed decisions for your PR and marketing initiatives.
Can Mediaboard's Media Analytics track the performance of my competitors? icon open close
Yes, Mediaboard's Media Analytics can certainly track the performance of your competitors. By tracking and analyzing your competitors' media presence and audience engagement, we provide insights that help you understand their strengths and weaknesses. This information can guide your strategic planning and help you gain a competitive edge in your industry.