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Harness the power of media monitoring to stay informed, engage with media professionals, shape public opinion, and communicate effectively.

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Empowering political communication

Enhance communication strategies and build public trust with real-time media monitoring, seamless journalist engagement, and effective crisis management.

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why Mediaboard?

Public opinion at your fingertips

Stay on top of the latest news and public sentiment with Mediaboard's robust media monitoring capabilities. Gain real-time insights into media coverage, public opinion, and social media conversations.

Crisis management

Mediaboard provides essential tools for crisis management and reputation monitoring. Respond promptly, mitigate risks, and protect your reputation. Stay ahead of emerging issues.

Targeted engagement

Our Medialist allows you to identify and connect with influential journalists and media outlets relevant to government or political landscapes. Build relationships and share key updates.


Coca-Cola's PR excelled with Mediaboard. Real-time monitoring, streamlined journalist engagement, and comprehensive analytics amplified campaigns impact.


more captured mentions
in online and social media


reduction of costs
for media monitoring


faster reaction time in managing
any communication crisis

The numbers are based on measurements among Mediaboard clients.

media analysis

Regular analysis

Unlock tailored media analysis with Mediaboard. Our custom analysis services provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on your media coverage and competitors.

On-demand analysis

One-time evaluations to help you assess the success and impact of specific events, campaigns, or actions. Make data-driven decisions for future initiatives.

Year-on-year comparison

Conduct year-on-year comparisons and evaluate your media performance for the entire year. With our in-depth analysis, you can track trends, measure progress, and identify key insights to inform your strategic decisions.

Social network analysis

With social network analysis, Mediaboard helps you uncover valuable insights from social media platforms. By analyzing the connections, interactions, and influence within your network, you gain a deeper understanding of your audience, identify key influencers, and track sentiment towards your brand.


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How can Mediaboard's media monitoring and analysis help government entities?
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Mediaboard's media monitoring and analysis tools can provide government entities with real-time updates on public sentiment, news, and trends related to their policies, initiatives, or any relevant topic. These insights can inform policy decisions, improve public relations, and enhance transparency. Additionally, early detection of potential issues allows for prompt response, aiding in crisis management and maintaining public trust.
Can Mediaboard's media monitoring tools assist in policy development and assessment for government entities?
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Absolutely! By providing insights into public sentiment and concerns, as well as trending topics related to government policies, Mediaboard's media monitoring tools can guide policy development and assessment. This data-driven approach ensures that the policies align with public needs and expectations, enhancing their effectiveness and acceptance.
How can Mediaboard's media analysis support a government entity's public relations strategy?
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Mediaboard's media analysis can provide valuable insights into the public's perception of a government entity, its policies, and its initiatives. By understanding public sentiment and media coverage, government entities can tailor their communication strategies to address public concerns, highlight successes, and build positive engagement. Moreover, these insights can aid in identifying potential PR crises and responding promptly, maintaining public trust and support.