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Regular monitoring from Mediaboard has become an integral part of our everyday work. We have relevant news and information from the market at our disposal 24/7.

Their team is highly professional with a personal approach and have always been willing to help.

Pavla Hobik
PR Manager
Mall Group


“Regular monitoring has become an integral part of our everyday work.”

I appreciate their flexibility and innovative approach. A large number of monitoring sources, timely alerts, and an intuitive app interface are a matter of course at Mediaboard. An important value of theirs is total professionalism and helpfulness.

Eva Kocic

Up-to-date information regarding what is written about our company is an essential part of my job. Thanks to complex monitoring, my colleagues and I can always be up-to-speed. Setting-up alerts for monitoring specific news around the clock is also extremely important. Last but not least, I appreciate the possibility of deep analysis and data processing in a clear and intuitive application.

Tomas Kubik
Communication Manager


"Up-to-date information is an essential part of my job."

Our collaboration with Mediaboard has been great. The quality of their service is worthy of the 21st century. They always communicate helpfully and willingly, and their app is incredibly easy to use as it is highly intuitive.

Pavla Brozek
Public relations
HBO Europe

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Petr Leyer
Transparency International

Mediaboard assists in the fight against corruption and works in the public interest.

We used to monitor media manually, and searches were complicated. With Mediaboard, we can sort and analyze information. We know what media and social media are saying and we can recognize which sources are the most important.

Mediaboard enables us to stay updated.

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