media analysis

Personalized media insights for strategic decision-making and performance evaluation.

Media analysis solutions tailored to your needs

Uncover valuable data on brand sentiment, competitors, audience engagement, trends and more. Make informed decisions, and stay ahead of the curve with actionable insights.

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media analysis

Regular analysis

Unlock tailored media analysis with Mediaboard. Our custom analysis services provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on your media coverage and competitors.

On-demand analysis

One-time evaluations to help you assess the success and impact of specific events, campaigns, or actions. Make data-driven decisions for future initiatives.

Year-on-year comparison

Conduct year-on-year comparisons and evaluate your media performance for the entire year. With our in-depth analysis, you can track trends, measure progress, and identify key insights to inform your strategic decisions.

Social media analysis

With social media analysis, Mediaboard helps you uncover valuable insights from social media platforms. By analyzing the connections, interactions, and influence within your social media, you gain a deeper understanding of your audience, identify key influencers, and track sentiment towards your brand.

Unlock the power of tailored media analysis and gain valuable insights with our customizable solutions.


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What does 'tailored media analysis' mean in Mediaboard's offering?
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Tailored media analysis' in Mediaboard's offering means we provide
a personalized approach to analyzing your media data. You can choose from dozens of international methodology criteria to fit your specific needs. Our analysis unveils deeper context, uncovers new trends, validates or disproves hypotheses, and delivers both quantitative and qualitative information. This tailored approach simplifies strategic decision-making by offering insights that are specific to your brand's objectives.
Does Mediaboard offer media analysis reports in custom formats?
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Yes, Mediaboard offers media analysis reports in custom formats. Our reports provide important insights, enriched by our analysts, and are presented in a comprehensible style. Moreover, these reports can be tailored to your design preferences, including your logo and desired format, ensuring they align with your brand's identity.