Communicate effectively with the media and monitor their response thanks to our publishing platform.


Find and approach relevant journalists

Thanks to the advanced features of the integrated Medialist, you will always have contact information for journalists and an overview of your communication. At the same time, you'll see the topics they write about. Through our Medialist, you can also find journalists who often mention the competition, or you can focus on various topics that currently resonate with the media.

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Create, edit, and distribute. Our publishing platform combines Newsroom for visually engaging press releases with Medialist and an email distribution tool. With us, you have everything on one platform.

Fully utilize the Mediaboard

Efficient work

Create, edit, and distribute press releases effortlessly.

Save time and energy with our newsroom and emailing services. Simplify your workflow and eliminate manual tasks.

Enhanced brand visibility

Establish contacts efficiently with relevant journalists, and strengthen your brand's visibility.

Thanks to our publishing platform, your message will reach the right journalists at the right time.

Data-driven approaches.

Gain valuable data on the success of PR campaigns.

Our publishing tool offers analytical functions that will help optimize your PR strategies.


Create engaging press releases

In Newsroom, a press release can be created in under a minute. You can easily write and publish a press release and upload all necessary materials. After sending the message to your Medialist, you can track analytics and evaluate your campaign success. The modern design of Newsroom is customisable to fit your brand. You can even customise the domain.


Communicate with the media easily and effectively.

Thanks to our emailing system, sending out press releases is a breeze – you can see which Medialists you've communicated with and track the deliverability, open rate, and response of your campaign. Creating emails is intuitive and easily customised based on your brand.

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We track deliverability, open rate, and response.

We primarily use Newsroom as a space for journalists to find all our press releases, photos, logos, and videos in one place. The systems for both the frontend and backend are user-friendly. You’ll also have access to statistics regarding your content’s reach and engagement.

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